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July 15, 2011
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I know I was the best with a gun. Maybe. Sort of depended on what your definition of the word was. Eugene said I was horrible. But that's because he got caught with a bit of buckshot. It wasn't my fault. He stepped in the way. And it was only a piece…
Ah… Okay. I guess he had a point.
But, I did shoot faster than the others. That's a good trait to have, right?
But, you know. I need sleep too. I am the best, but I can't do night duty for two weeks in a row, you know? Even my movie marathons didn't last that long.
It's hard. You feel pumped for like, the first two hours, and then you're just sleepy. Then the zombies usually come at, like, two in the morning. You can't even chat to the other person on duty. In case you miss something. Which was even sadder, because Gwen was pretty cool. (I mean, she's watched the whole 'Zombye' series. I don't know anyone other than me who's done that.)

It was the middle of the night when the newest batch wandered across. I didn't waste a second. Click bang squelch.
There were five. I clipped two of them, and the one I was aiming for fell with a thud. I immediately go for the clipped one's heads, with Gwen got the other two with her assault rifle. She then went over to see if they had anything worth grabbing on them. She nodded at me and went back to where she usually stood. I took another look at the bodies, before turning.
But that's when I heard the ring.

It wasn't a 'Ringringring' ring. It was a song. I didn't know it. Some girl was wailing about her life. I spun on the spot and lowered my gun, which I didn't know I had up, and looked at Gwen. She looked as surprised as I did.
'Sh-Sh-Should I?'
She stared at me, then looked at the bodies, nodding.
I held my shotgun out in front of me. I poked the bodies, trying to get closer to the ringing. I didn't want to be there. I had seen what had happened at the end of 'Hallows Eve'.
I saw a glowing pocket. At least… I thought it was a pocket at first.
The glowing phone was between a body's breasts. Why couldn't Gwen get it?
I screwed up my face, cautiously lifting her shirt. My face was near hers. She was absolutely dead, right? I didn't want to end up like the blond from 'Inf3station'
As soon as I felt the phone I yanked it out, only for it to continue being stuck to one of her breasts. It fell out of her shirt. I hadn't seen anything that gross since the ending of 'Necrotic '. I immediately raced back to Gwen.
Gwen had abandoned her gun and ran over to me. I touched the accept button.
I held the phone at arm's length. Jessica.
'Holy… Jessica! Oh my god…'
Gwen's face fell. So did mine. I stared at her. What should I say? She looked at the phone, not responding.
I brought it to my face. The voice on the other said continued to call for Jessica.
'This… Isn't Jessica.'
I couldn't hear anything for a moment. Silence. Then I heard a choke.
'What…? What happened to her? Who is this!?'
I glanced at the bodies.
'J-Jessica…' I hoped she would catch on. I got more silence.
'… Who are you? Tell me!'
'T-T-Twitch.' I rubbed the stock of my shotgun. Out of habit. 'Who are you?'
'… Casey.' The voice cracked again.
Gwen clicked her fingers. 'Ask where they are. We could help!' she said excitedly.
'C-C-Casey, Wh-Where are you? We can help.'
'Who's 'We'?' She asked. I could practically feel her fear.
'Good guys. We have a ch-chopper.'
'We can get to you up high. Wh-where are you?' I asked again. More silence.
'…Are you serious?'
I smiled. 'Yeah. W-we're in a big military base. Th-there's a pilot here. He's saved too many t-too count.'
'Can it carry five?' She asked, hopefully.
'I, um. Two trips. Just, Just tell me where you are. We'll come to get you.'
I heard her ask someone else something. I heard faint answers.
'We're in an apartment building; we think it's near that big Cost Mart. Maybe a few blocks away. We'll get to the roof.'
'Y-Yes. Wait there. We should be there soon.'
I was about to close Jessica's phone when I heard Casey gasp, yelling 'Wait!' I heard it to my ear again.
'Please… Um. Can you bury her?'
I nodded, before realising she wouldn't be able to see it through the phone. I said yes, before turning it off. I grabbed Gwen's arm.
'W-W-We need Davis!'
Part one of the 'Soupy's Presents' saga.

A tribute to ReAnimated's Twitch. That's his name because... You know. He's twitchy. I have no idea what his real name is.
I wanted to write something other than just dialog, just for a change. Though it's far for action. 'Shot him. he died.'

P.S. I also have no idea who Gwen, Casey and Jennifer are.
SoupyAssassin Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist


This is amazing! What's going to happen next?! I'm so excited! I'M SO EXCITED FOR MY OWN STORY. YOUR STORY. OF MY STORY.



Thank you! Thank you so much!
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