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May 23, 2011
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Boone had learned from his days in the First Recon that sometimes, you had to make do. You had to do things you didn't like. You had to survive with what was around you. And sometimes, you had to eat Molerat steak for dinner.
Just because he had eaten Molerat perhaps a hundred times before, didn't mean that he couldn't get over the taste. He imagined it could be compared to one of his boots after a long day, without exaggerating. And that was the smell of it cooking on the campfire.
He, Arcade and Andy were going back to Novac. It had become their major resting spot of their treks across the Mojave. No matter where they headed, the Outpost, Camp Searchlight, even Clark Field, they always stopped at Novac. It gave Andy some time to catch up with Manny and it gave Arcade a chance to restock the supplies, because 'I just know as soon as we run out, we'll find ourselves in the middle of a Cazador nest.'
Whenever they went to socialise and restock, Boone usually resumed his old post in the dinosaur's mouth. Though he never talked about it, he would feel uncomfortable. His old thoughts would echo at the back of his mind, haunting him. He would usually try and shoo the echoes away, concentrating on the empty panorama the spanned before him.
This time, however, he was cooking Molerat.
He winkled his nose at another invasion of his nostrils, sliding a steak from his makeshift grill onto a plate. He handed it to Andy, who immediately tried to pick at it.
'It's hot.'
She looked up at him. 'I know that… I'm just hungry.'
Arcade looked up from his book, raising his eyebrow. 'You do realise…?'
'Yes, yes.' She waved dismissively. 'It stinks. But my stomach is going to eat itself if I don't eat.'
'At least wait a minute.' Boone slapped another steak on the grill. Arcade's.
She looked at her plate with a look that could only be described as forlorn, before sighing and sitting next to Arcade.
Boone flipped the current steak, making it land with a sizzle. That was how he cooked meat. Flip and sizzle until it looked alright. That's why Carla and Manny never ate much of his steaks. They were either too pink or too burnt. He could prepare anything else, but meat was his weakness.
Andy and Arcade hadn't figured that out yet. He wondered what their reactions would be.
'Oh! Ow.' Andy shook her hand vigorously, before sucking on her index finger and thumb. 'That's just a little hot.'
'I told you to wait.' Boone said calmly. She replied with a half-hearted mutter, her fingers still in her mouth.
Boone tapped the fork he was using to cook the meat on the side of the oil drum the grill was on. What started as a soft 'dink… dink… dink' transformed into a familiar tune. He could swear that he had heard it before. But he couldn't for the life of him, remember what it was. Manny said it sounded like an old chant he used to hear the Great Khans shout.
'What are you reading?' He heard Andy's voice over the spitting meat.
'… I wish I could say-'
Books. Another weakness.
Boone prodded the steak before dropping it on Arcade's plate. He heard Andy laugh while Arcade tried to shush her, turning to the next page in his book. Boone held the plate in the air, a foot from Arcade's face. A minute passed before Boone cleared his throat, nudging the book with the plate.
'Huh? Oh. Sorry, thanks.'
Boone rolled his eyes before returning his attention to the grill. Was he even that hungry?  He could wait until breakfast. At least Mutfruits tasted remotely like fruit. His stomach growled. Hmm…
Yeah. Tomorrow.
He fished the grill off of the oil drum fire, setting it down to cool a few feet away from them. He placed the fork on top of it before going to sit next to Andy.
'You're not eating?' she asked, concerned. He shook his head.
She was cautiously poking the steak, trying to find a cool spot, before she picked it up and chomped. She usually wasn't one for table manners.
Boone then looked to Arcade, who was still reading. He tapped on the edge of his plate, before Boone caught his attention by saying 'What's so interesting in there?'
Arcade grinned, quickly checking the page number and closing the book.  'A trashy romance. It's all smut and no plot. Not that I'm arguing.'
Boone didn't know how to reply to that. He just went for his go-to answer. 'Hm.'
Arcade chuckled before prodding the lump of charcoaled meat on his plate. Oops. Surely that one wasn't on for that long?
Andy managed to tear off her chunk of meat, giving a thumb up to Boone. 'Bedder 'an 'ine!'
He doubted it. She made a bloatfly taste good. Bloatfly was the second worse meat, in Boone's opinion.
He saw her head perk up, and her chewing slow. Boone immediately faced what she was looking at.
The sky. Why was she alarmed by the sky?
'Look how bright the moon is.'
He craned his neck so that he could look right above him. It was bright. The flames that licked at his vision probably helped.
'We probably don't need the fire to see.'  She said, after swallowing. 'It's as bright as day out there.'
Boone looked to the horizon. It was eerily calm, nothing was moving.
'It's… Nice. You know.' She put her plate down in front of her. 'Here we are. Just relaxing. Eating and chatting. Without a care in the world.'
Boone thought to mention what their current quest was, but decided against it.
Besides. It was nice. No bullets, no Legion, no past. No fear or grief or stress.  Just them. In a picturesque scene.
Could have done without the Molerat, though.
Fun Fact: Boone's grill is composed of a side of a shopping cart.

This is for :iconleonkennedyisgod: for our art trade, which I should have done yonks ago. Along with Soupy's presents.

It's not Troll Cazadors and it's more Boone than Andromeda, I know, but I though this worked better. What's better than Steak on a Moonlit Night?

This I think suits: [link] Best played on a sunny summer day. It makes you feel like everything is going to be alright.
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I agree with soupy awesome. I love how relaxed this is. Very laid-back. It's nice to see a slice-of-life in the Wastes like this where people live day-to-day. I really like it. It also got me craving for steaks. :D Well done.
Dialog is my friend. I can't write good action...
Pray tell, What do you think is better to write?
Better as in more enjoyable?

I kind of think that it's a special thing to be able to write a quiet scene in which seemingly nothing happens but actually a lot of things happen. Like what you've done. I've always thought that it takes mad skills to pull that off.
Well, what is more enjoyable for you to write, and what do you think you write best?

I'm one of the ones that look at a piece like this and think 'Oh, nothing much here.' What's happening there?
Well, in the scene here, you are actually showing how Andy, Arcade and Boone move and act around each other, the things they talk about and the way they respond - like Boone's non-verbal communicative methods for example. You show the way they live and how the environement provides them with these choices... like they're grilling steaks outdoors because they're travelling, they have to resort to molerat or bloatfly meat because it isn't easy surviving in the Wastes. I like how it ends with Andy talking about it being nice and having no cares in the world, cause it's bittersweet.

So, yeah, I think that's what's happening here. Or... what do you think?

Personally, I like writing tension because it's mostly just one action but long and drawn-out. Ummm but I don't know what I write best. Ack. Sorry for being so unhelpful. :p
I can tell you like tension, because that's pretty much Trouble summed up.
That's completely cool though. That's what I love about your writing.
Ah! That's great! And thank you very much, Nacho.
I think you're a bit better at reading between the lines than I am, Rusty. I really didn't think of it like that.
(Or I did, but it was probably buried somewhere between 'I need sleep' and 'Mathtestmathtestmathtest')
I was actually going to reiterate Leon's troll cazador comic. But I realised... If I said 'follow Boone' would you know what I mean?
Then I decided one night, when I was meant to be doing a Society and Environment assignmen and I was listening to a pretty trippy song, that I would follow Boone anyway. But no cazadors. I can't even stand to write about them.
So, somehow it transformed into steaks and Arcade reading smut and I forgot what I was meant to be explaining or writing about...
Ugh. Math tests bury everything! Friggin Maths. Uh... you're right. I have no idea what 'follow Boone' means. I do understand steaks and Arcade reading smut, though. Which is excellent, btw.
You know how you focus on Harkness in Trouble? You write only his thoughts, and only his feelings, while he's still interacting with others. You 'follow' him, you know?
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