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November 6, 2011
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The best way to describe the Talon Company, is by comparing them to molerat colony.
You just don't know why there's so many of them, and how they manage to breed that quickly, it's like a never ending supply of meat. The exception is that instead of biting, the Talon Company is armed to the teeth with guns, lasers and robots. They also can plan, and be stratigetic. But again, like molerats, the best way to eradicate them is to just go in, guns blazing.

Alonzo could never do that though. For one, animals never seemed to attack him. Not even the fierce Yao Guais. He found them too strangely cute. And two, shooting people made him nauseous. He associated killing with 'being bad'. No matter who was the one to be killed. But sometimes it was unavoidable.

Alonzo was one to sneak in and sabotage. Deterring people from 'being bad' themselves, with the least amount of harm. Or, if he could manage it, talk everyone down before things got to that stage. Of course, some of his ramblings actually got him into deeper trouble, but there was the odd time or two where it worked.
This usually meant no confrontation. Maybe a hair-raising moment, but nothing to fight about.
This annoyed Butch.

Butch DeLoria had to fight. It was part of his rambunctious, impulsive personality. This feeling could have been compared to a drug addiction, but that would be a bit of an exaggeration. Butch needed to feel some weighty impact from his fists. Though he could work with guns, he preferred to get the impact. To be up close and personal.

Like every citizen to ever come out of a Vault, his first kill mortified him, It was surprising, confounding. Suddenly seeing a bleeding, lifeless person below you and knowing that you put them into the state is either a horrible feeling or an exhilarating moment, and this is one of the factors of the wasteland that will morph personalities.
Alonzo had been raised from birth with a 'clear' understanding of what was good and bad. There was no grey in the world until he was in the Wasteland. Which was ironic, as the Vault was in fact grey. His first kill made him retreat into a solemn state, promising to himself to only kill when absolutely necessary.
Butch had been starting fights since his first year. His restless self needing an output for his pent up energy. He knew he was 'bad' but a watered 'bad' as to what killing was. Butch could never be as moral as Alonzo. He believed that certain people needed to get a sudden case of deadness.

Talon Company is bad. There is no doubt in this definition. They force people onto the streets, or murder them if they're feeling vicious. They will kill anyone with a price on their head, be it a righteous do-gooder or one of their own kind. They will do just short of everything that Waste will let them. They are mercenaries of the worst sort.
In cases like the Talon Company, even Alonzo will agree, they need to be stopped.
Hah, I'm finally doing it! Mikkynga's Alonzo and Butch story! After, at least a few months.
Again, I am sorry.

I'm at a crossroads in another part of the story, but I really waned to upload something, so, sneak preview.

SoupyAssassin Nov 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
BRAVO, NACHO. YOU CONTINUE TO IMPRESS! I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh talon company @ @ i love to kill those guys (good weapons and expensive armor yes!)

@u @!!!!!!!!!!!!

and don't worry about it :D! srsly!. i'm not mad ^^!!!

@ o @!
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